Study Leave 2017/18

By | 19/01/2018

Dear Colleagues

In summary from the 8th Feb 2018 the budget will £600 per trainee per year.

HEEoE transfer funds at the start of the year to the hospital you are working at.  You will need to apply locally to be reimbursed for courses etc. At the end of the year any money that is not spent by any trainees at a trust will go back into a central fund and made avalaible to top up the study budgets of those who have over spent. Each trust will allocate this money in different ways, but you should be able to apply locally for funds.

There is further money allocated to the School of Surgery to fund other curriculum days, the TPD / education lead apply to the School of Surgery on our behalf to provide funding towards the regional training days / local courses etc.  There is a limited amount of money avalaible to all surgical specialities.

Please find further information: Study Leave Funding Provision 2017-18

Kind regards

Mike & Arman