2017 Information for applying for out of training posts

Applying for OOPT (training), OOPE (experience), OOPR (research)

The below is for OOPT and this is the hardest to get.

First step is to speak to the training program director – Mr Phil Johnston.

Get provisional approval from TPD.

Then complete the form here https://heeoe.hee.nhs.uk/out_of_programme

This is a PDF – save to your computer before completing. Get electronic signatures from TPD, AES and yourself.

Send to deanery at this address even though you do not have JCST/SAC approval oop.eoe@hee.nhs.uk

They send it back with provisional approval.

Once you have this back you need to write to the SAC via TPD with the following information alee@jcst.org


If the post is not already GMC approved
• A fully completed and signed copy of your Deanery/LETB OOP Request Form or confirmation in writing from your TPD supporting the OOPT. These will need to show:
1. The exact dates of your fellowship/OOPT period
2. The details of the post
3. That your Deanery/LETB is aware of the time out of programme
• A signed offer letter from the institution you are due to go to
• An educational contract (or a job description) signed by you and your OOPT supervisor, which includes details of:
1. Learning agreements and objectives
2. Your timetable
(Please note that the Objective Setting stage of the ISCP website Learning Agreement can be used for this as long as it includes all the information needed and is completed before you start your fellowship/post.)
• Name and contact details of your OOPT supervisor
• Up to date CV (which you can upload onto your ISCP account)

In addition:
• Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery trainees will need to submit:
Logbooks from two previous incumbents of the post or a report from the supervisor on the expected number of operations

Once the above docs are submitted, the JCST will forward them to the SAC for their support. If the SAC supports your OOPT, they will issue you with a College approval notification.

If the post is GMC approved – needs to be a UK hospital the procedure is pretty easy.

If the post is not GMC approved – ie abroad then it takes a little longer and you need more evidence but it is not impossible.

Then the SAC meet to discuss the OOP’s. The LETB and JCST deal with contacting the GMC you just need to provide evidence of the post you are going to as above.

Mr Bowditch is the chair of the SAC and Mr Norrish is the head of approval for OOP on the SAC which should really help.

The SAC give approval, the GMC give approval and then finally the OOP form from the EOE is sent back with all of the relevant signatures and you end up with a PDF approval letter/form from the JCST/SAC, the EoE LETB and the GMC.

If you need any assistance feel free to ask.
Ross (rosscoomber@hotmail.com)