Travel & Relocation Expenses

Full information regarding the process for application and reimbursement of relocation and travel expenses can be found on the HEEoE website.


In general if you had to relocate to the East of England following getting an orthopaedic registrar training number you will be eligible for relocations expenses.  This can include items such as the removal firm, the costs incurred with buying a selling a property or the for leasing a house (agents fees, solicitor fees, stamp duty etc).

If during the rotation you relocate to live close to the hospital each year you can also claim at these points.

There are some small neuances such as needing to get 3 quotes for the removals company etc, so make sure you read the policy.

Travel Expenses

The base hospital is automatically the hospital you start the rotation at.  From that point forward your travel expense allowance will be calculated based upon number of miles from home to new hospital minus the number of miles from home address the base hospital.  I.e. if you live in Cambridge and your base is West Suffolk and it is 40miles to work.  Then you rotate to Ipswich which is now 80 miles to work, your travel allowance will be 80-40 = 40 miles.  You will then be reimbursed at a set rate per mile for the 40 miles.  If you live closer to your new place of work than your base hospital you will not be eligible for travel expenses.

Change of Base Hospital

You are entitled to change your base hospital if you are anticipated rotating to and working at that hospital within the next 2 years on the program.  You may require a letter of support from your TPD.


All of the forms can be found on the HEEoE website

The HEEoE team are usually very efficient at their end completing the required paperwork.  Once they approve it you will need to then submit it to your hospital for approval, and then there will be a process each month that you will need to go through to claim the money.