Dear Colleagues

The Gold Guide 7th Edition January 2018

COPMeD are pleased to launch the 7th edition of “A reference guide for postgraduate specialty training in the UK” also known as the Gold Guide. This 7th edition of the Gold Guide replaces all previous editions and should be used with immediate effect.

We are very grateful to the large number of stakeholders who contributed to the consultation that supported the changes that have been made in this 7th edition.

A short summary document that highlights the key changes can be found here Gold Guide 7th Edition Main Areas of Change Document on the COPMeD website .

Among the key changes in this 7th edition has been a review of the flow of the guide. Sections have been re-ordered and renumbered so that they follow more directly with the trainee’s journey and a significant amount of duplication has been removed.

There have been significant changes undertaken which aim to clarify a number of areas and to also provide scope for greater flexibility in relation to postgraduate medical training.

We believe that these changes will be welcomed by both educators and doctors in postgraduate training alike.


Dr Andrew Frankel, Dr Aileen Sced and Dr Ian Steele

COPMeD Gold Guide Co-Editors

Caroline Clerk

Executive Assistant to COPMeD & COGPED



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The Gold Guide 7th Edition January 2018