Luton and Dunstable Orthopaedic Department

The Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Address:The L&D University Hospital,
Lewsey Road, Luton, LU4 0DZ
Phone:01582 491166
Number of beds:500
Educational supervisor:Mr Yega Kalairajah
Rota coordinator:Helen Blunt ( Sec to Mr Burtt/Mr Manjure)

Orthopaedic Department

The Orthopaedic Department in Luton and Dunstable Hospital is a busy trauma and elective unit in the region providing care for trauma patients and elective orthopaedic cases both in general as well as sub-specialised areas e.g. Upper Limb, Hand, Foot and Ankle, Spine, and Lower limb. Each year the Orthopaedic Department performs over 5,000 orthopaedic surgical procedures for patients from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond. There are 11 Consultants and 2 designated Trauma Surgeons. Mr Yega Kalairajah is the consultant lead for training.

Lower limb firms provide high volume arthroplasty exposure including computer navigation technology for knee arthroplasty

Three orthopaedic theatres run every day – 2 elective and 1 trauma theatres. There is a half day dedicated trauma list on Saturday and Sunday which is run by trauma surgeons.

There are excellent opportunities for trainees to acquire surgical skills in routine orthopaedic trauma due to high numbers and availability of Consultants or experienced Senior Surgeons to supervise trainees.


A shift system is in place with 12 hour resident on-call shifts. Trainees are not allocated to night shifts to avoid missing opportunities of training due to compensatory days off.

Theatres and Clinics:

An average week for trainees includes:

  • 1 elective and 1 fracture clinic,
  • 1 full day elective theatre with respective consultant,
  • 3 half day trauma theatre sessions at least,
  • 1 half day research/CME session.
  • Protected Thursday afternoon for SPR teaching.

Teaching and Training

Teaching sessions include a trauma meeting every morning, Wednesday lunch time Journal club session and a Friday metalwork meeting.

Every 2 months there is an evening workshop organised with the industry representatives to provide saw bone sessions for new registrars and familiarise with the systems used the hospital.

Induction Information:

Registrar induction information is sent to all new registrars. There are some compulsory on line induction modules that need to be completed in order to be allowed access to the different applications required to access paperless patient notes and scans as all systems are computerised.

Useful contacts :

Trainee Comments:

“Extremely busy Department but as a reward there are plenty of operating and training opportunities available. Friendly and supportive staff. Designated Orthogeriatric team who help deliver multidisciplinary approach to fracture neck of femur care. “