Dublin November 2015

FRCS Experience Dublin November 2015 – MP


Short cases Upper limb

  1. Ulnar neuropathy, post cubital decompression
  2. Dupuytren’s disease
  3. ?brachial plexus injury, asked to just examine his shoulder

Short cases Lower limb

  1. Morton’s neuroma
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis patient with genu valgum and rheumatoid foot
  3. Congenital failure of formation affecting hand and feet

Long case Upper limb

  1. 74 year old with rotator cuff tear

Long case Lower limb

  1. 80 year old with left hip pain and right ankle/foot pain. Fused right knee and ankle with LLD


Adult Path

  1. Calcific tendonitis
  2. Cervical discitis with epidural abscess
  3. Knee OA post ACL recon with lysis around tibial interposition screw
  4. Leg pain in 40 year old new marathon runner (chronic compartment, stress fracture)
  5. ?liposarcoma


  1. Retrograde nail for comminuted distal femur. 3 months hypertrophic non union
  2. Capitellum fracture. Added coronoid fracture once capitellum fracture discussion exhausted
  3. Open distal tib fib #/ dislocation in vagrant
  4. Calcaneum fracture
  5. .
  6. How to compress a transverse fracture, locking screws, plate construct (thought I was pass fail at this point)

Paeds / Hands

  1. CP: definition, classification, General treatment of different levels of involvement
  2. Lateral condyle fracture
  3. Club foot
  4. Flexor tendon sheath infection, Kanavel’s
  5. Lump in risk, ?schwannoma
  6. Lunate dislocation with scaphoid fracture

Basic sciences

  1. Fracture healing; slides of various stages, when does Perren’s law come into place
  2. Osteoporosis, treatment, bisphosphonates
  3. Dorsum of wrist anatomy
  4. Discectomy, Foot drop, causes, what level operated on, gait (syphilis)treatment
  5. Charnley THR with eccentric poly wear. Causes of poly wear
  6. Shoulder anatomy, stabilizers, course of axillary nerve