Addenbrooke’s Hospital


Address:Hills Road,
Phone:01223 245151
Number of Beds:1,180
Educational Supervisor: Mr Kang
Rota Co-Ordinator:Senior SPR - currently Andrea Bardos
Human Resources:
Trauma Co-Ordinator:Bleep 156-189

Rota/ on call commitments

Full shift pattern with resident on call night shifts.

In any 12 month period, you do 3 x 1 month blocks of on call with a mixture of days on call and nights on call. You are free from all elective work during this time.

On calls are shared between SpRs and middle grades with middle grades doing more on call and covering elective SpR work when they are away.

SpRs are first on call day or night. SHOs are F2s to CT2s.

Epic – Addenbrooke’s is paperless (except for consent forms). There are good things about Epic but it is hard work to navigate and to get the most out of it.


The consultant teams are organised into pods; the purpose of this is to reduce the need to cross cover between specialties during leave etc and allow continuity of care for patients. Registrars are allocated formally to one or two consultants but will usually work with all consultants in their pod at various times.

Pod A

Mr Hull* / Mr Vince – P&A / Arthroplasty

Mr Rawal* – P&A

Mr Carrothers* – P&A

Mr Khanduja – Hips

Pod B

Mr Chou* / Mr Gooding – P&A / Arthroplasty

Mr Keene – Hips

Mr Owen – Hips

Pod C

Mr Krkovic* – Lower limb recon

Mr Edwards / Mr Melton – Knees

Mr McDonnell / Mr Khan – Knees

Pod D

Miss Ashby / Mr Rehm – Paeds

Miss Stohr – Paeds

Mr Latimer / Spine – Paeds and spines

Mr Robinson – Foot and ankle (just has a fellow)

Pod E

Mr Johnston / Mr Hopkinson-Woolley – Hands

Mr Kang / Mr Johnston – Shoulders / Hands

Mr Van Rensburg*  / Mr Tytherleigh-Strong – Shoulders

*major trauma consultants



Most operating is done at Addenbrookes. There are two trauma theatres: Th16 for MTC trauma and Th17 for DGH trauma.

Some consultants do day case elective lists at The Princess of Wales Hospital, Ely.


Clinics are mostly clinic 1 (hands in clinic 5), ground floor in the main outpatients’ department. Requests, documentation, follow up is all done on Epic.

Teaching and training

The trauma meeting involves teaching depending on which consultant has been on call. The Friday morning OTU meeting does involve teaching.


Main trauma meeting:

  • T&O seminar room on C8
  • between 7 and 8am depending on the consultant

OTU handover meeting:

  • level 2 neuro library, next to NCCU/ J2 seminar room on Fridays
  • 7:30am


Rota coordinator: Andrea Bardos

Chief Educational Supervisor: currently Mr Kang

Pelvic & Complex Trauma Referrals

Referring hospitals should complete all referral documentation and ensure images have been sent via TRAD/PACS system.

Referral documentation available on:

All Pelvic & Acetabular referrals:

Major Trauma Patients requiring Emergency Surgery

For patients that require emergency trauma surgery Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.00 to 19.00. Please contact Theatre 16 (58036) and discuss with OTU Consultant on call. These do not require discussion with the on call consultant of the day.


For patients who are out of area early repatriation needs to be identified. Once the patient is ready the TTOs and discharge letter need completing. The referral to appropriate DGH is via the Orthopaedic Registrar on call. Please get accepting consultants name and document this in notes. Once this has been agreed inform nurse in charge of ward.

For repatriations back to Addenbrooke’s the registrar on call can accept them on behalf of the Consultant on call that day and they come under that consultant.

Useful information/phone numbers for those at Addenbrookes:

VFC poster

Addies Helpful Info / Induction Material