Addenbrooke’s Hospital


Address:Hills Road,
Phone:01223 245151
Number of Beds:1,180
Educational Supervisor:Currently Mr Vince but Mr Kang from August 2016
Rota Co-Ordinator:Senior SPR
Human Resources:
Trauma Co-Ordinator:

Rota/ on call commitments

Full shift pattern with resident on call night shifts.

In any 6 month period, you do a month of on call with a mixture of days on call and nights on call. You are free from all elective work during this time.

On calls are shared between SpRs and middle grades with middle grades doing more on call and covering elective SpR work when they are away.

SpRs are first on call day or night. SHOs are F2s to CT2s.

Epic – Addenbrooke’s is paperless (except for consent forms). There are good things about Epic but it is hard work to navigate and to get the most out of it.


Most operating is done at Addenbrookes. There are two trauma theatres: Th16 for MTC trauma and Th17 for DGH trauma.

Some consultants do elective lists at Ely.


Clinics are mostly clinic 1, ground floor in the main outpatients’ department. Requests, documentation, follow up is all done on Epic.

Teaching and training

The trauma meeting involves teaching depending on which consultant has been on call. Friday morning OTU meeting does involve teaching.

There is a monthly journal club.


Main trauma meeting:

  • T&O seminar room on C8
  • between 7 and 8am depending on the consultant

OTU handover meeting:

  • level 2 neuro library, next to NCCU/ J2 seminar room on Fridays
  • 7:30am


Rota coordinator: Senior Spr

Chief Educational Supervisor: currently Mr Kang


VFC poster


Addies Helpful Info / Induction Material


Consultant and SPR timetable – August 2017


Helpful Contacts

Clinical Nurse Specialist/ Team Leader: Lynsey Brown

Bleep: 157 950

OTU (Orthopaedic Trauma Unit)

This service is for major trauma orthopaedic patients and has its own team who review the patients daily. They can be stepped down to the consultant teams and a discharge letter is written when that occurs.

The on call team must handover any newly admitted major trauma patient to the OTU team each weekday morning and the whole weekend on a Monday morning. Please ensure you have completed the OTU handover sheet for discussion each morning. These can be found on the shared drive under a04. Save these in the relevant files.

Handover is at 07:30 in the Neurosciences library, next to NCCU.

Friday OTU and teaching is based on J2 at 07.30.

Clinical Lead: Mr Peter Hull

Clinical Fellow: 07623908934

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Lizzie Shirland

Bleep: 157 949

Pelvic & Complex Trauma Referrals

Advice referring hospitals to complete all referral documentation and ensure images have been sent via TRAD/PACS system.

Complex Trauma:

All Pelvic & Acetabular referrals:

Major Trauma Patients requiring Emergency Surgery

For patients that require emergency trauma surgery Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.00 to 19.00. Please contact Theatre 16 (58036) and discuss with OTU Consultant on call. These do not require discussion with the on call consultant of the day.

Elective Trauma Patients

If you review patients that are able to go home but require surgery at a later date please ensure they have MRSA swabs taken and all other relevant investigation (i.e. ECG, CXR, Bloods etc.) for surgery and consent before discharge, the patient takes their consent form home with them and needs to bring it back when they are admitted for surgery.

C8 Elective/ Trauma Patients

This service oversees all Elective and MRSA negative trauma patients on C8 and the patients are reviewed by SSN and ward doctor

Ward Doctor: 154 585

Elective and Frame Speciality Support Nurse: Yan Ling Chen Lin

Bleep: 157 948

Trauma Speciality Support Nurse: Jo Kay

Bleep: 157 960

D8 Trauma Patients and Outliers

These patients are overseen by the D8 doctor and the DGH Trauma Speciality Support Nurse. Ortho- Geriatrics is also based on this ward and they review the fractured neck of femur patients.

Patients are identified on the patient board as Ortho- Geriatrics/ OTU/ Trauma

Ward Doctor: 154 657

Ortho- Geriatrics

This must be a consultant to consultant referral

Speciality Support Nurse: Kerri Peacock

Bleep: 159 047

Specialist Nurses

Work Monday- Friday 07:00- 17:00 and one works on a Saturday morning.

Trauma Nurses

They arrange the theatre lists and review outliers and work 7 days a week Monday- Friday 07:15- 19:45 and weekends 07:30- 18:30

Rhian (Samantha) Nightingale

Jo Norman

Sandra Carter

Bleep: 154 189


MRI: 6363 (Out of hours: 6209)

CT Scan: 3426/7

Xray Level 2: 2320

Xray reporting: 2531

PACS office for image transfers: 2323

3D Reconstructions: 2779

Images can be requested by Speciality Support Nurses


Biochemistry: 3780

Haematology: 3124

Microbiology: 2826 (Out of hours technician bleep: 157 575)

Transfusion: 3130

Blood tests, blood cultures and blood for transfusion including group and save can be requested by Speciality Support Nurse, with cross match a paper form which is also required.

It comes under order sets on the orders page on Epic


These are requested in orders, just type in plaster. This also needs a covering phone call

Plaster Room: 3772

Orthotics: 2375

Ward Numbers

C8 3279/56617/3989

D8 3282/6554

M5 58525/58527/56336

M4 58537

L4 58545

J3 59111/56388

NCCU 2358

Clinic 1 2325

Rapid Response Team (RRT) 1560583

Level 8 Seminar Room

6860 / 254676 / 56405


Theatre 16: 58036

Surgeon’s office: 58034

Coffee Room: 58035

Stanmore Referrals for Brachial Plexus Injuries

Send a letter by fax stating ward patient currently on, images and EMGs

Fax No: 02084206582

To cover Pelvic Patients for Potential HO

Normally radiotherapy is required for those who had posterior approach to acetabular fixation – it is specified by consultant and usually for patients under 60 years old.

To request radiotherapy: email Neil Burnett, Fiona Harris, Katherine Burton, Sarah Harris, Elizabeth Shirland and the orthopaedic consultant responsible for care

If the patient cannot have radiotherapy they should have Indomethacin 25mg TDS orally for 6 weeks.

Metastatic Bone Tumour Referrals

This service is run by Mr Gooding and the referral is taken by the registrar on call here and they then refer the patient to Mr Gooding.

Orthopaedic Oncology Patients (Primary Bone Tumours)

These are either referred to Stanmore or Birmingham via the Specialist Nurse Practitioners. The referral form is on their websites.


For elective total hip replacements: 4 weeks

For elective total knees: 2 weeks

Pelvic fracture patients: Rivaroxaban 10mg once a day for 3 months

All other patients the consultants will specify PLEASE review post-operative note.

Infectious Diseases

Dr Emma Nickerson

Bleep: 157 468

Vascular Access No: 6020

To request a PICC line order under vascular access, also a covering phone call helps.

For referral to OPAT (outpatient antibiotic team) bleep: 156 2203 and refer via Epic


To refer to inpatient psychiatry type psychiatry into Epic in orders (this includes substance misuse)

They too need a covering phone call

In patient psychiatry: 2167

Pacemakers and ICDs

ICD: Contact Papworth who have a register of the devices, serial numbers and

         any specific instructions

Pacemakers: Based in Addenbrooke’s  Bleep: 154 662

EXT: 2990

Taylor Spatial Frames (TSF)

Patients with a TSF frame will usually require a prescription. This will be formulated by either Ling or one of the registrars.

Vac Pumps

The majority of the ward nurses are trained to apply and look after vac pumps. All of the Specialist Orthopaedic Nurses are trained to apply both normal and incisional vacs and can be contacted on their bleeps if there are any concerns. The ward nurses order the pumps on 2696 and the dressings etc. are kept on the wards.


For patients who are out of area early repatriation needs to be identified. Once the patient is ready the TTOs and discharge letter need completing. The referral to appropriate DGH is via the Orthopaedic Registrar on call. Please get accepting consultants name and document this in notes. Once this has been agreed inform nurse in charge of ward.

For repatriations back to Addenbrooke’s the registrar on call can accept them on behalf of the Consultant on call that day and they come under that consultant.

Epic Training

Sharon Stevenson: Ext: 254277