British hip society instructional course

The BHS is expanding its Educational arm and as a part of that has decided to host the Inaugural BHS Instructional Course along with our Annual Meeting in March 2020.

The aim is to deliver a one day educational course at the annual BHS meeting to assist with preparation towards the FRCS (T&O). The remit is to cover the hip related component of the examination curriculum over three consecutive years. 

The course will take place on the last day of the Annual meeting i.e. Friday, 6th of March 2020 and the coverage of the curriculum will take the form of lectures, video presentations, small group discussions and debates. 

We have discussed the same with BOTA and the SAC and have had a very positive response from both to our proposal. 

Lecture material: It is expected that presentation material will be made available to the BHS for subsequent publication in electronic format on the BHS website.

Certification: Delegates at the educational session will receive a certificate to confirm their participation on completion of the online feedback at the conclusion of the meeting. Efforts are also on to link this with a University as well to ensure a Diploma can be awarded after successful completion of the three modules.

Charges: It is recognised that the funds available for trainees to attend meetings are limited and it was therefore decided to keep the registration fee for the day at £50.

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