Peterborough City Hospital


Address:Peterborough City Hospital,
Edith Cavell Campus,
Bretton Gate,
Phone:01733 678000
Number of Beds:612
Educational Supervisor:Mr Andrew McKee
Rota Co-Ordinator:Anne Uddin Ext 7176
Human Resources:Andrea Brown. Ext 7854
Trauma Co-OrdinatorSue and Gemma - Ext 8711

Orthopaedic Department

Peterborough City Hospital offers a busy elective and trauma service. There are 16 Consultants. The elective and trauma placements are separated. Trainees are expected to rotate either 4 or 6 months through trauma and then elective services.

There are 5 orthopaedic theatres which run every day – 4 elective and 1 trauma theatres. There is a full day dedicated trauma list everyday, including Saturday and Sunday which is run by the consultant oncall.

The weekends are staffed by 2 registrars, one covers the oncall and does not attend theatre and one who purely covers the trauma list.

There are excellent opportunities for trainees to acquire sub-specialty skills. Areas which have received excellent trainee feedback include the shoulder firm, hand firms, foot and ankle firms, paediatrics and lower limb arthroplasty. There is no spinal service.


A shift system is in place with 24 hour non-resident on-call shifts and 48 hour weekend shifts.

Theatres and Clinics:

An average week for trainees includes:

  • 2 elective (sometimes more!) and 1 fracture clinic,
  • 1 ½ – 2 full day elective or trauma theatre with respective consultant,
  • 1 half day research/CME session.
  • Protected Thursday afternoon for SPR teaching.


  • Mr White and Mr Jones – Shoulders and Hands
  • Mr McKee and Mr Pathak – Hand and Elbow
  • Mr Clifton and Mr Hartley – Lower limb arthroplasty and soft tissue knee
  • Mr Reston and Mr Chowdhury – Hip and revision hip arthroplasty
  • Mr Carmichael and Mr Kamath – Foot and Ankle
  • Mr Latimer and Mr Mitchell – Paediatrics
  • Mr Heinert and Mr Massraf – Lower limb arthroplasty
  • Mr Parker – Hip fractures

Teaching and Training:

Teaching sessions include a trauma meeting every morning, Tuesday lunchtime teaching run by the registrars and a Friday metalwork meeting.

Every month or so there is an evening workshop organised with industry representatives to provide saw bone sessions for new registrars and familiarise yourselves with the systems used the hospital. This usually includes a dinner afterwards.

Medical students: 

The hospital receives medial students from both Leicester and Cambridge medical schools. The students become very involved in the department and give excellent feedback.

There is a registrar led teaching program which is highly regarded by the medical students who rotate through Peterborough.

Induction Information:

Anne Uddin is all you really need to know! She will organise your life, including helping you gain the experience you want, get the annual and study leave you need and generally an exceptionally helpful person. Registrar induction information is sent to all new registrars. There are some compulsory on line induction modules that need to be completed in order to be allowed access to the different applications required to access paperless patient notes and scans as all systems are computerised.

Useful contacts :

  • Hospital Switchboard: 01733 678000
  • Anne Uddin. Orthopaedic Rota Coordinator: Ext 7176
  • Andrea Brown. HR Department Ext 7854
  • Sue and Gemma – Trauma co-ordinators: Trauma Coordinator phone: 8711