2017 Academic Meeting – Scientific Program

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The agenda for the day:

Full Program for the Day

Podium Presentations COC 2017 

0830 – 0915 Registration and Trade stands

9.15 Welcome from Mr. John Crawford, CO Club President

0930 The training programme Mr. Phil Johnston, Training Programme Director

1000 Registrar presentations session 1

1030 Tea and trade stands

1100 Mr. W. Shenk, Mr. R. Coomber: International training

1130 Registrar presentation session 2

1230 Lunch at the trade stands and electronic posters

1330 Nigel Coleman  (retiring trainer QEH, King’s Lynn)

1350 Registrar presentation session 3

1505 Break – trade stands

1545 Daniel Perry (Liverpool): The Bernard Meggit invitational lecture

1615 Prizes and acknowledgements,

  • Year group best poster and presentations
  • Cambridge Orthopaedic Club best presentation

1700 Closing Remarks

Scientific Program

The following papers have been selected for presentation at the Academic Meeting of the Cambridge Orthopaedic Club on 1st April 2017.

Full abstracts can be found here in the program:

COC 2017 

New drug, new problem – do hip fracture patients taking NOACs experience delayed surgery, longer hospital stay, or poorer outcomes?

George Hourston, Michael Barrett (ST6), Wasim Khan, Madhavi Vindlacheruvu, Stephen McDonnell


‘Fix and Replace’, A novel advance in the treatment of elderly acetabular fractures

Mr. D’jon Lopez (ST8), Mr. Majid Chowdhry, Mr. Joseph Queally, Mr. Peter Hull, Mr. Andrew Carrothers


Intracapsular femoral neck fractures in young adults: a twelve hour window for treatment?

Sibbel J (ST3), Phaily A, Chetty N, Kalairajah Y

Department of trauma and orthopaedics, Luton & Dunstable university hospital

Open lower limb fractures in Major Trauma Centers- a loss leader?

Arman Memarzadeh (ST6), Elizabeth Tissingh, Joseph Queally, Peter Hull


Developmental Dysplasia of the hip presenting between 12 and 18 months; medial open reduction or delayed anterior approach plus innominate osteotomy

Christopher Bache; Mohammad Shahid; Feiran Wu; Rosamond Tansey (ST3) MBChB Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Diagnostic indicators of a hip effusion on plain film radiography in children: worth another look?

M. Dunne (ST4), D. Gill, M. Latimer


The First Worldwide Survey on Surgeon Preferences in the Management of Stiffness following Total Knee Arthroplasty

K H Sunil Kumar  (ST4), Georgios Mamarelis, Vikas Khanduja

Addenbrooke’s – Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

THR v Hemi for trauma

Aparna Viswanath (ST7); Anum Malik; Warwick Chan; Neil Walton

Norfolk and Norwich

Long-term Follow-up of Patients Undergoing Tibialis Posterior Transfer: Is Acquired Pes Planus a Complication?

M. Pecheva (ST3), A. Devany, B. Nourallah, C. Pasapula

Swallowing Following C-spine Surgery (EAT -10)

Tom Marjoram (ST6), Tim Woodacre (Senior Spine Fellow),

Ipswich Hospital Spine Unit.

Long Term Outcomes Of Bladder, Bowel And Sexual Function In Post Operative Cauda Equina Syndrome Patients.

Devany Adam (ST6), Steele Nick, Marya Shivan, Gill Damien, Crawford Robert, Webb Ralph, Rai Amarjit, Lutchman Lennel

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Smartphone surgical simulation for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) procedure amongst orthopaedic registrars

Coomber R, Bahsoun A, Nehme J, Chow A and Bowditch M.

Post-code lottery? Is there variation in the allocation of funding for lower limb arthroplasty between clinical commissioning groups in England?

Rachel Fischer ST3 West Suffolk Hospital