Dear All,

Date: Saturday 1st April 2017

Academic Presentations: King’s College, Cambridge

Deadline for submission: 5th March – email abstracts to

Dinner Tickets:

The deadline for abstracts for the annual Cambridge Orthopaedic Club meeting is fast approaching.  Please submit your abstract by the 5th March 2017 to Jai Rawal club secretary 2017.  Abstracts will then be selected for either a podium presention, or a single slide power point poster. 

Jai will need all posters and presentations by the 30th of March.

Presentations are to be 10 minutes long with short questions from the panel or audience after.

There are prizes; these are traditionally given to research performed during your time as a trainee. Prior research to your time as a trainee is acceptable but can’t be forwarded for the prizes.

Tickets: buy them – – please ensure you complete the process and paypal transaction.

As a further point, my predecessor last year requested a photo and a blurb from each individual trainee, which many of us thought was an excellent idea. Could trainees do this again particularly the ST3s.

From those of us at the end of training, started fellowships and even about to commence consultant jobs, contact links to fellowship programmes, useful hints, tips and pointers would I think be a useful addition to the COC programme and may help trainees planning their futures.

Could the trainees let me know if there have been any births, marriages, appointments and significant exam results (well done) as well in a short email to

Good luck