London Orthopaedic Basic Science course 29/30 September 2016


Although there is a Cambridge-based basic science course in March, and the plan for the next 2 terms is to cover some of this material on the Thursday teaching, please find attached a flyer for an excellent summary course aimed at FRCS-level knowledge.

It’s an excuse for a trip to London and looks pretty comprehensive. Prof Mcnamara asked for you to be aware of the dates, as the deadline for booking leave is approaching.

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Dear All,

For those of you who are preparing for the exam, attached is a Basic Sciences flyer for an ORUK course that is held over two day in London.

It is well received and covers the topics that seem to come up most frequently in the exam. Also there is a good amount of viva practice to get your teeth into.

If you are keen, please apply early and I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes

Iain McNamara


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London basic science course programme.pdf