ORCA Update

By | 19/06/2018
Hello everyone,
As some of you may already know, ORCA (Orthopaedic Research Collaborative east Anglia) is our region’s trainee research network.
We are calling all interested trainees to help raise the research profile of our region, with everyone’s input, we have no doubt we can achieve this. With that said, we would like to invite trainees who are interested in getting involved with current projects we are coordinating. Below is a short description of a large national audit led by Birmingham and Oxford collaboratives.
DIS (DRAFFT Impact Study) national collaboration to establish practice for distal radius fractures treated surgically.
20 cases retrospective per site and a very short questionnaire for consultants
Info and protocol: https://goo.gl/ntQ7we . Register: https://goo.gl/WDYX9z
Deadline 31st July 2018
EoE Project Lead – Damien Gill (damiengill@nhs.net)
Sites covered:
Addenbrookes – Damien Gill
Colchester – Mike Barrett
Please email us back with your name, site and the project you would like to get involved in.
Look forward to all your responses.
Best wishes,
On behalf of the ORCA executive committee:

President​​: Rumina Begum
Vice Presidents: Fouzia Khatun & Damien Gill
Treasurer​: Jeeshan Rahman
Chief Research Officer: ​Rosie Tansey
Communications/IT: ​Mike Barrett
Secretary: ​​Mike Dunne