Dear fellow trainees,
I attended the STC meeting today and this is the summary of the information for you. The CCT requirements are changing, currently scheduled to change from next year, but awaiting confirmation. There is a two year lag period, therefore will apply to ST6 and below.
Study leave funding is changing and there is more than the £600 advertised available per year. However, the following are the rules:
  • Funding available for curriculum requirements (except FRCS exam and related courses)
  • Bear in mind that most of the curriculum requirements are covered by the EOE teaching
  • Aspirational courses or activities can also be included, but these need to be on your PDP, agreed with the AES and approved by them
  • Must be agreed prospectively
  • Only be granted if the trainee has engaged in regional teaching days. If you’re not coming to teaching regularly, your requests won’t get approved
The other regular item on the agenda is teaching attendance. All AESs are now aware of teaching days and you are expected to attend. The record will be reviewed at ARCP. The dates for next year’s teaching days are on the EOE website, with plenty of notice. The suggestions is to put the teaching dates in your PDP at your initial meeting, therefore making your AES and CS aware of them. ]
The courses are very expensive to run; in the case of cadaveric courses, around £10,000 per day. This is an amazing opportunity for us as we get them effectively for free. Other cadaveric courses I have attended have cost me over £500 each time. The budget is on the squeeze and we won’t have many more of these in the future; get them while you can. Do not waste these opportunities.
Please get in touch with any questions or queries.