Dear all,
I hope you have all had a Happy Easter and refreshed yourselves.
We have now had 6 months of the new style EOE T&O HST teaching days, with the latest instalment at the inaugural training Hospital of the year, West Suffolk.
What you have hopefully participated in is an evolution from didactic, lecture based terms of subspecialty teaching to more clinically relevant, FRCS targeted, interactive teaching. Integrated with the cadaveric days, to hone technical skills as well as knowledge, hopefully you are having fun and not worrying about having to dash to or from work to get to/back from teaching.
Obviously, with your feedback the days are developing each time, with now an intentional attempt to pitch the teaching at 2 different levels, the ST3 & ST4s and then the periexam STs.
The latest feedback has been extremely welcome, as the desire for all subjects in the curriculum to be covered, has been documented.
This is great to read, because it supports the roll out of a series of subspecialty days throughout the next year that are being arranged, commencing on Tuesday August 22nd 2017.
Standing shoulder 2 shoulder, with an all star regional and extra regional consultant faculty, we will be in it up to our elbows in a festival of FRCS topics, including basic science, anatomy, clinical examinations and the brachial plexus. This will remain pitched at the 2 different levels to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, but appropriately challenged.
Thanks to the keenness of consultants around the region similar days will cover, hand, hip, knee, spine, foot & ankle, paeds, as well as bone pathology/miscellaneous. Combined with the cadaveric fingertip 2 shoulder, ADMIT (alternative decision making in Trauma) & pelvis 2 toetip days, no stone will be left unturned to provide you with a comprehensive, educational and fun preparation for the exam & beyond.
Please keep the constructive feedback coming, it is helpful and being responded to.
Niel Kang
FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Associate Lecturer
Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine
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