Welcome to EOE Orthopaedics from Mr Johnston!

By | 19/08/2017


Welcome (back) to EoE training programme!

I am e-mailing primarily to remind you to update your ePortfolio on ISCP.

Please could you all ensure that you have selected me as your training programme director, and that your previous placement is closed, to allow you to open up a new placement for the coming year, together with AES and CS(s) correctly assigned. I will then ensure your AES has appropriate access to your records.

You need to complete your learning agreement with an introductory meeting with your AES by end August; complete interim meeting end October and (ST3s) have an AES report ready for an introductory assessment (“ARCP”) on 8 January. This way Phil Hopgood and I can meet all new starters face to face at least twice in your first year (induction September!!).

Those not on ARCP 1 from this summer will also be having ARCPs in Jan, mostly face to face but some in absentia where appropriate.

The other meetings deadlines are end placement 1 / start placement 2 by early Feb; mid-placement 2 mid April and end placement 2 end May (in time for ARCPs in June). This may seem illogical but it’s the ISCP system we work in.  The last 2 months of your placement 2 will be recorded by your AES as a “journal entry” towards end July and will be considered in your ARCP in summer 2019. Similarly, the last 2 months of your placement this summer will be considered at your next ARCP in 2018.

Please crack on collecting evidence to store in your portfolio. In general, upload everything, preserving patient confidentiality.

You need minimum 40 WBAs and a suitable logbook (see JCST) in addition to as much other evidence of progression as you have each year. Please aim to collect clinical progression evidenced in WBAs weekly and do serial PBAs for important / index procedures to demonstrate progression during the 6 month placement. I would recommend 2 WBAs weekly so you are not scrabbling for these just before the ARCP next summer (some fell foul of this in June 2017). CEX is also important (aim to do early in the placements, should do 5 per 6 months).

Good luck with the first few weeks. I am aiming to be at the shoulder teaching next Tuesday and the induction day in September.

From mid September I have set aside Thursday mornings / lunchtimes for TPD business, so if you need me get in touch and we can talk on phone or face to face then. You should aim to make contact in some way at least once every six months.

Finally, please give some consideration to your next Hospital placement – mainly in terms of your ongoing learning needs (I don’t want a load of requests to work in particular places only for social reasons). Placements are started in Feb – March and finalised later in the spring once I know the outcome of national selection.


Phil Johnston